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    Hello and Welcome,

    Full disclosure, I never wanted to be a speaker coach. BUT I'm good at it. I've taken speakers with ZERO experience and transformed them into international champions within months. I've had clients who were PETRIFIED to get on stage, who are now training, promoting, and being successful entrepreneurs. 

    My big secret is that I learned the art of public speaking before I learned the business of speaking. I just wanted to talk so I joined a community called Toastmasters International. They said I was a good speaker but I lost every speech contest. I needed practice so I drew eyes on paper and pasted them around my living room. I wrote and recorded speeches for my audience daily. They didn't even laugh at one joke.

    At first I was insecure because I lived in a condo and the neighbours would think I was nuts. I did it anyway, and they thought I was nuts. One neighbour said I was the loudest neighbour she ever had. Bonus, my skills improved at Toastmasters so I interviewed professional speakers to learn more. Through those interviews and countless courses and books I developed short practice exercises that I shared with mainly Toastmasters for 6 or 7 years. My techniques worked so well they became my business and now I have hundreds of simple lessons to show you:

    • How to OVERCOME fear

    • How to win over audiences without words

    • How to speak on camera

    • How to master storyselling

    • How to define your message & get paid for your expertise

    • How to take MASSIVE action on your goals

    • Where the experts find gigs

    • How to engage audiences, and KEEP their attention even if you are a complete beginner 

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    10 Public Speaking Exercises

    I wrote this book with the beginner speaker in mind (all ages). You want to overcome your fear. Excellent, you shouldn't be speaking in front of audiences to start. You should be practicing on your own, during one-on-one conversations, and in the shower. Once you understand the structure of speaking, controlling your breathing, rapport, speech templates, and mindset, your fears will dissolve naturally. I've seen it happen hundreds of times when speakers simply practice these 10 exercises.

    Your Public Speaking Cheatsheat

    Everybody Else

    I have some great news going on. It's too much to explain it all here: we have programs, challenges, and masterminds depending on YOUR NEEDS. I want to get to know you, so I put together this little "get to know you" messenger bot.  We wanted to make it fun and interactive. I encourage you, regardless of whether you are a pro speaker, or not even speaking to get involved.

    Neither One Of Those Options Grabbed You?

    I can give you massive confidence in everything public speaking related. You or your child, or your entire family, or your workforce. You can work one on one or in a group. You decide. 

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    What My Clients Say About Me

    These are some of my clients I have worked with personally and have helped them learn how to speak with purpose. 

    Devin, being both funny and open, is suitable for teaching public speaking classes. He can help students to overcome the difficulty of speaking in front of audiences and aid them to write brilliant speeches and present them dramatically. He also knew a lot of ways to be funny and both entertain and educate the listeners at the same time. By studying in his classes, students can become more positive and confident.

    I'M FUNNY, I'M INSPIRATIONAL AND I HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE TO SHARE.. the 3 most important things I took away from this course...it taught me how to step out of my comfort zone because that's when I will learn the most. Devin is fun and educational..very lucky to have him as my coach!! HELLO & WELCOME!

    Devin is an outstanding public speaker and a great coach. He does what all are most afraid of: shed the fear of public speaking! He is very friendly, animated and interactive. I love the way he connects with children! Thank you for the great lesson I learned from you- stand in a power pose!

    How To Overcome A Fear Of Public Speaking

    This is perhaps my most asked question about public speaking.

    Speaking Tips For Zoom

    I share data, facts, and tips about online presentations.

    A Little About Me

    2021 is the year I turned 40... wooowee!

    I will help you become a high performance speaker.

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