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I Help Turn Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students Into HIGH PERFORMANCE Speakers.

I will guide you (or your team) with step by step strategies on how to unlock our greatest potential.

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  • Devin is a good instructor who always leads by example

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    Hello and Welcome,

    Full disclosure, I never wanted to be a speaker coach. BUT, I'm great at it. I've taken speakers with ZERO experience and transformed them into international champions within months. I've had clients who were PETRIFIED to get on stage, who are now training, promoting, and speaking. 

    My big secret is that I learned speaking the hard way. I wasn't great at anything. People were't asking me to speak. I didn't have any credentials, just passion (and a book I still haven't published). I interviewed professionals to gain the skills needed to make a name for myself. Through those interviews and countless courses and books I developed short practice exercises that I shared with others, and they started having success too.

    The word spread, and now you can learn: 

    • How to OVERCOME fear

    • How to win over audiences without words

    • How to speak on camera

    • How to master storyselling

    • How to motivate/educate/entertain

    • How to take MASSIVE action on your goals

    • Where to find gigs

    • How to engage audiences, and KEEP their attention 

    Get Started On Your Speaking Journey Today!

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    The Speakers Journey

    It's easy to get lost and confused in the world of public speaking. Everybody starts out eager and ready to share their message, but they quickly realize the speaking industry is self taught, time consuming, and competitive. Somebody else is sharing your message; somebody with a list of credentials, somebody with a crazy story, and somebody who already has a name. You become overwhelmed with tasks and rejection. 90% of aspiring speakers GIVE UP. 

    There is a way to change that stat; CLARITY. You have to be clear on YOUR JOURNEY. Do. you want to become a keynote speaker, an online presenter, a better manager, trainer, or perhaps your sites are on competitive speaking? 

    The speakers journey is an outline to help you see the bigger picture of the speaking industry through my flagship speaking (future) program.

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    The Essentials Speaker Package

    This online course is the foundation every great speaker needs to understand. We cover all the basics from body language to speech structure/humour/motivational storytelling, and persuasive words and phrases. As an added bonus you'll also get a lesson on psychology and the power of suggestion.

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    What My Clients Say About Me

    These are some of my clients I have worked with personally and have helped them learn how to speak with purpose. 

    Devin, being both funny and open, is suitable for teaching public speaking classes. He can help students to overcome the difficulty of speaking in front of audiences and aid them to write brilliant speeches and present them dramatically. He also knew a lot of ways to be funny and both entertain and educate the listeners the same time. By studying in his classes, students can become more positive and confident.

    I'M FUNNY, I'M INSPIRATIONAL AND I HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE TO SHARE.. the 3 most important things I took away from this course...it taught me how to step out of my comfort zone because that's when I will learn the most. Devin is fun and educational..very lucky to have him as my coach!! HELLO & WELCOME!

    Devin is an outstanding public speaker and a great coach. He does what all are most afraid of:shed the fear of public speaking! He is very friendly, animated and interactive. I love the way he connects with children! Thank you for the great lesson I learned from you- stand in a power pose!


    I will help you become a high performance speaker.

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