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brain tips

3 Steps To Taking Back Your Identity

Devin Bisanz, September 24 2020

I took the Russell Brunson: Build Your Brand Challenge, and weeks later I'm still running on the fuel. It was the final, Tony Robbins, "Identity" speech that held my attention. I listened to his story about running 13 miles home at 3 AM because the buses were on strike, and his story about the brilliant 4 year old who talked about creating his dest...

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I Started a YouTube Channel And It's Scary!

Devin Bisanz, September 17 2020

One thing I like about YouTube is that you don't have to connect with a bunch of your old friends when you sign up. Facebook, Insta, TikTok, they all want you to connect with “old” friends. But I don't want to. I don't want my friends to see my failures. “Oh, Devin!” Shouts the other brain, “You know people are extra nice when they feel sorry for y...

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public speaking tips

5 Public Speaking Power Poses

Devin Bisanz, September 5 2020

Intro: In this video, I'm going to share five power poses all public speakers should know and practice. Speaker: (00:16) Hello & Welcome. I'm Devin Bisanz and I am a public speaking coach. I coach championship speakers and I also coach corporate speakers, CEOs, managers, executives. Thanks to this whole COVID-19 situation I had to bring my training...

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1 Simple Trick For Adding Humor To Speeches... Wait For it

Devin Bisanz, August 29 2020

Hello and welcome, I wanted to blog during the entire Covid-19 first wave; but, I plugged the bottle of my thoughts. There were more important things going on like hanging out with a one year old. A one year old doesn't care about a virus, mortgage, or what Trump is doing. A one year old get's excited about much bigger issues like how fast can I em...

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public speaking tips

Speaker Secrets- 10 Public Speaking Tips

Devin Bisanz, May 26 2020

I play guitar, and I remember how hard it was to learn simple tricks like a hammer on. I sat alone for hours plunking on my guitar. If you asked me to play in front of even one person, it was a hard no! Years later and I’m still uncomfortable playing and singing in front of strangers. My point is that anybody who plays an instrument knows how much...

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how to tell better stories

This Storytelling Method Shows You How To Tell Better Stories

Devin Bisanz, April 10 2020

Hello and welcome, Everybody knows that great speakers tell great stories, but HOW do you tell incredible stories? Here is the secret: talk to the senses. Pro tip: USE ALL THE SENSES. You wouldn't believe how many speakers preach the importance of telling stories and then they tell a story that goes like this... "So the other day I'm at the grocery...

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3 Mistakes Amateur Public Speakers Make, And What To Do Instead

Devin Bisanz, March 28 2020

Hello and Welcome, Nobody wants to sound like an amateur, especially when it comes to public speaking. If you get a speaking coach then you'll never sound like an amateur! https://devinbisanz.com But perhaps you're like me and you're not afraid of speaking up. You don't need a speaking coach, you need an audience. That means that chances are you wi...

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Guerrilla Marketing Strategies For Beginners

Devin Bisanz, March 19 2020

We are in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the main thing on peoples mind is how much toilet paper do we need? But look on the bright side; gas is cheap! If you are thinking about starting a business, or if you have a small business that you want to scale, then you might be interested in the book 'The Best Of Guerrilla Marketing' by Jay...

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3 Happy New Year Wishes

Devin Bisanz, January 1 2020

The season of christmas cards is over, and thanks to Instagram I got amazing cards from celebrities like Denise Richards: Well done! I wanted to do a Christmas card. I have a family I enjoy, why not promote it? I deserve success. You deserve success. We all need a little peace, love, and hope. Although, I prefer peace, love, and take massive action...

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Hook, Line, and Anchor- the final phase of speechwriting.

Devin Bisanz, October 18 2019

Over the last few weeks I've kept an impressive consistency in blogging.  One blog per week and it all started August 31st when I posted  https://devinbisanz.com/blog/bisanz-advanced-speaker-training. Over the last couple months we broke down important aspects of speech writing. AND, in case you missed it, I slammed all the blog posts into ONE easy...

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