Devin Bisanz, August 29 2020

1 Simple Trick For Adding Humor To Speeches... Wait For it 

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I wanted to blog during the entire Covid-19 first wave; but, I plugged the bottle of my thoughts. There were more important things going on like hanging out with a one year old. A one year old doesn't care about a virus, mortgage, or what Trump is doing. A one year old get's excited about much bigger issues like how fast can I empty out the bottom drawer while mommies cooking? How much noise does a dog dish make when I smack it on the wall? Can I climb the stairs at Nanny's house more than 500 times in a row?  Will someone get me every single time?

Who cares about people, blogs, and being a social media influencer when you are one year old? 

I started working online and...


Once you work online your life changes. There is no commute and you can wear shorts on the bottom, dress shirt on top. There is one problem with moving a public speaking business, or any business online. 


You see, my clients want me to work offline. Perhaps your clients do the same. Imagine if we had the same dilemma. 

How to get online clients in the public speaking industry

Start blasting your product through social media! You have to be an influencer. You have to update daily, hourly, by the second. You have to keep your fans happy. 

But wait... the internet is not a place of work. It's a place to show off the fruit of your work. 

I'm confused; you know you have to start somewhere, and everybody is telling you they have the best "start" for YOU. Tony Robbins and friends have a "free" product out right now. They drove 88k people to a facebook page within a few days.

I signed up right away. Then I skipped the first two days, tuned in on the 3rd day, and now I'm making up every second of lost time. I'm doing it all!

Want to join the challenge... click here for the Build Your Brand Challenge Facebook Page!

We need a goal.

My goal is to build an online public speaking community.

To get started here is a public speaking tip: people like to laugh. 

Here is that one simple trick for adding humor to your speech. Better yet, you can use it to add humor to your life. This is an easy way to make people laugh on purpose. Cause/effect.

IF this happens, THEN...

IF working online improves your life, THEN stop watching Surviving Pablo Escobar when the baby goes to bed. 

If you want to do what you love... then DO IT!

If you just skipped to the end of the blog then keep your browser open for a couple of seconds to help my Google rating. Right now my Google rating is at -.00000000000000001. 

If you like terrible jokes then I am your man.

If you don't like terrible jokes then come up with something better. 


you can use the cause and effect to motivate people as well. If you work on on your goals, THEN you know what it takes to succeed.  

If you get sick of IF statements, THEN check out my more funny examples on my other blog: The Entertaining Speaker. 

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