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Devin Bisanz, September 17 2020

I Started a YouTube Channel And It's Scary! 

One thing I like about YouTube is that you don't have to connect with a bunch of your old friends when you sign up. Facebook, Insta, TikTok, they all want you to connect with “old” friends. But I don't want to. I don't want my friends to see my failures.

“Oh, Devin!” Shouts the other brain, “You know people are extra nice when they feel sorry for you!"

True, thats why I'm considering reaching out to facebook. Until then, there was a kid I once coached. He was preparing for a TedX Talk, and he told a story about how he started a YouTube channel. He just started reviewing things and his channel grew on its own. He never told his parents about the channel. They found out because he got so famous that companies started sending mega products to their house.  It was almost 10 years ago when I trained that kid. I wish I remembered his name or channel because I’m curious to know where he is today. The kid started this channel when he was 14, and by 18 he bought a condo. 

These days I’m watching YouTube channels of 20 year olds getting drunk for 10 million viewers. I’ve been on at least 50 motorcycle road trips. GoPro takes me on an adventure every week. Youtuber, Whistling Diesel gained over 750,000 followers in something like two months and all he does is wreck cars violently. How are they doing it?  

They film their life. That’s how. 

Imagine filming your life, what would that motion picture look like? 

I want to film my passion as I build a public speaking coaching empire. I’m proud of my lessons, I’ve spent years developing them and they are effective. 

I talked with another trainer a year back and he was showing me his speaker training program, his workbook, and yada yada. I was looking through it and noticed no speeches were written in what looked like 12 weeks. The rest was all theory (basically, why you have a fear over and over, and why you should use your hands to express yourself).

Now, experience shows that's a good way to have zero return clients. 

I mentioned that he consider moving the actual speech writing class to the front. It shocks people when they have to write a speech. People who think they are great at speaking are put on the spot, and people scared stiff of speaking are so shocked they usually perform well and have a ton of confidence moving forward. If you make the speech formula simple enough, everybody performs well. The secret sauce is the lesson. A step-by-step lesson is like going to Science World. Everybody has their own unique experience. It’s always a good one. 

A lesson about theory is like falling asleep in class all semester, and then failing the final exam.

He said, “You think it’s okay to have them write a speech before the 8th class?”

I said, “You’d be surprised.”

Anyway, I started the channel and I want to start talking about this channel, and I know quality control issues are at play. I just record on zoom and publish. BUT, if the information is good, the quality can always improve. Let me know what you think. 

Have a great and wonderful day,

Devin Bisanz 


Written by

Devin Bisanz

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