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Public Speaking

public speaking tips

5 Public Speaking Power Poses

Devin Bisanz, September 5 2020

Intro: In this video, I'm going to share five power poses all public speakers should know and practice. Speaker: (00:16) Hello & Welcome. I'm Devin Bisanz and I am a public speaking coach. I coach championship speakers and I also coach corporate speakers, CEOs, managers, executives. Thanks to this whole COVID-19 situation I had to bring my training...

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public speaking tips

Speaker Secrets- 10 Public Speaking Tips

Devin Bisanz, May 26 2020

I play guitar, and I remember how hard it was to learn simple tricks like a hammer on. I sat alone for hours plunking on my guitar. If you asked me to play in front of even one person, it was a hard no! Years later and I’m still uncomfortable playing and singing in front of strangers. My point is that anybody who plays an instrument knows how much...

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